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Waylon Jeepers

Waylon Jeepers is a man obsessed with the paranormal and mystical. He originates from Venice Beach, California, but was forced to leave due to being too strange. He realized his lifelong quest to harness the power of the Gorgons and create a watch that turns people to stone after several setbacks (including the accidental creation of a watch with the marginally useful power of turning beavers to gold). While Freakazoid is generally dismissive of him, Jeepers' fortunes change when he uses the text How to Summon Monsters the E-Z Way to bind Vorn the Unspeakable to do his bidding.

After Freakazoid sent them to prison, Jeepers and Vorn tried to start a prison mob without success. In the series finale, he attends the Lobe's Freakazoid-killing party.

Jeepers is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.


Season 1

Season 2


  • "Ehhh you want to see something strange and mystical?" (Dance of Doom)
  • "Return my watch and I'll give you a jar of nickels." (Statuesque)