The Life of Dennis the Pencil is a 2007 short film created by Warner Bros. It tells a story about Dennis, a curious, young pencil who is happy at enjoy the adventure as he is engaged by The Wicked Trio, a group of monstrous, item-based pens including: Maize, Diamond, and Rock. only to be saved by Basketball Boy, the world's mightiest jumbo sports pen.

Inside a house, Dennis is seen singing and walking along, Suddenly, three figures are seen hiding behind a cup and watching Dennis walking along. After Dennis walks along he is attacked by one of the figures, who is revealed to be Maize, the leader of the Wicked Trio and the two pens, Diamond and Rock show up. The three pens then scare Dennis, causing the young pencil run away and chase him. After the pens chase Dennis, Maize orders Rock and Diamond to find Dennis. Rock and Diamond search for Dennis, only to bump into a hungry dog. The two pens frightenedly look up at the dog as it attacks and begins mauling them, before leaving the scene. Maize, given a hard time waiting, walks by, only to see Diamond and Rock defeated and gets lividly enraged and gets revenge. Dennis is safe in a bucket as he walks out, but he accidentally bumps into Maize, who furiously glares at him as he tries to kill Dennis, but a large, black figure, revealed to be Basketball Boy appears, causing Maize to look up and Dennis feels happy for Basketball Boy. Enraged at this sudden action, Maize manages to attack Basketball Boy, but Basketball Boy knocks the villainous leader out cold and saves Dennis. Basketball Boy gives Dennis a wink and runs off. Dennis smiles at the camera as an iris closes in on him.


Dennis, a young pencil who dreams about Basketball Boy when he was attacked by the Wicked Trio

Basketball Boy, the most famous jumbo sports pen, who has the success to save Dennis from the leader of the Wicked Trio, Maize.

Maize, the vegetable pen and the leader of the Wicked Trio.

Diamond, the element pen and the member of the Wicked Trio.

Rock, the stone pen and the member of the Wicked Trio.

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