In addition to the 24 main episodes of Freakazoid!, several variant episodes aired, reconfiguring the cartoon segments into new combinations and sometimes adding new content, post-credit tags or gag credits. Those episodes are described below. Materials which are unique to these episodes are noted in footnotes.

Episode 2A Edit

This episode is included on the Season 1 DVD.

Aired: October 14, 1995

Contents: The Cloud (first airing), Candle Jack

Gag Credits:

Giggling Fool: Emmitt Nervend[1]

Find Emmitt Nervend: Twice in This Episode


Tag: Emmitt Nervend cameo[2]

Episode 4A Edit

Aired: December 9, 1995

Contents: Cold Open: Frenching with Freakazoid, And Fanboy Is His Name, Toby Danger in "Doomsday Bet"

Gag Credits:

Annie Award Winner: Emmitt Nervend[1]

Find Emmitt Nervend: Once in This Episode

Tag: Freakazoid drinks tea, does spit-take

Episode 5A Edit

Special episode assembled to air as part of the WB's prime time lineup.

Aired: June 16, 1996

Contents: Cold Open: We Interrupt Our Program #1, Cold Open: Five Day Forecast, We Interrupt Our Program #2, Candle Jack, We Interrupt Our Program #3, Foamy the Freakadog, Please Stand By[3]

Gag Credits: Warning: Our Announcer wasn't kidding. He really can see you. So stop it![1]

Tag: "There's not much more where that came from!"[2]

Episode 8A Edit

Special episode assembled to air as part of the WB's prime time lineup.

Aired: June 23, 1996

Contents: Cold Open: Emergency Broadcast System, Hot Rods from Heck!, A Musical Interlude (Für Elise)[4], The Lobe, Cönversational Nörwegian

Gag Credits: A Thought: Any chance we beat "60 Minutes"? Just wondering.[1]

Tag: "Here's a sound you don't want to hear at 3am"

Episode 22A Edit

Aired: November 29, 1996

This was the original airing of "Statuesque" (Episode 22). It was identical to the regular version, except for the different Thanksgiving-themed post-credits tag.

Tag: Freakazoid eats a turkey leg[2]

Episode 6A Edit

Aired: December 20, 1996

The same as Episode 6, with two exceptions.

Main Title: Spanish-language version[5]

Tag: "Open your presents now! Hurry!"[2]

Episode 7A Edit

Aired: December 27, 1996

The same as Episode 7, but with a holiday-themed new end tag.

Tag: Freakazoid, in his "serious Jerry Lewis" voice, says, "Happy New Year? I think so."[2]

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