The WB was the network which aired Freakazoid! It was owned by Warner Brothers, which also produced Freakazoid!

The WB Network debuted on January 11, 1995, with only two hours of programming (airing on Wednesday nights). By the time Freakazoid! premiered, the network had added a second night of prime time programming, on Sundays. Freakazoid! was part of the inaugural Kids' WB! lineup of Saturday morning cartoons, which debuted on September 9, 1995.

References to the WB on Freakazoid! Edit

  • Every episode of Freakazoid! features the Kids' WB! logo in the main title (on the shot of Freakazoid's television). The logo was present in the right-hand corner of every Kids' WB! broadcast during this era, and it was as intrusive and distracting as it appears.
  • In a WB Editorial in Episode 3, Freakazoid questions what the initials "WB" stand for.
  • In "Legends Who Lunch," a bus-side ad depicts the WB's mascot, Michigan J. Frog, turned into frog leg soup.
  • In "And Fanboy Is His Name," Fan Boy catches a WB Special Report on Freakazoid's battle with the Milk Man (the report interrupts an Animaniacs episode).
  • In "The Chip, Part I," Roddy listens to a radio report from the WB News desk.
  • In "Freakazoid Is History!" Freakazoid scornfully says that the "guys in prime time" could have had his show (perhaps referencing the fact that Freakzoid!'s sister Spielberg show, Pinky and the Brain, was then airing on Sunday nights).
  • Relax-O-Vision pioneer H. A. Futterman introduces himself as the Professor of Broadcast Standards at Kids' WB!
  • In "The Freakazoid," the Brain says that Pinky and the Brain is the "breakaway hit of the WB's schedule," and later tells Freakazoid, "I don't see your show on the prime time schedule!" (Freakazoid! had in fact aired after Pinky and the Brain on two Sunday nights in June as a trial run).
  • In "Two Against Freak," Roddy screams at Freakazoid that TV networks are fickle, and might drop him like a man with big oak fingers. This was ironically the last Freakazoid! episode to air on the WB
  • "Freak-a-Panel" centers around a Kids' WB! panel at the Anaheim comic convention.
  • In "Tomb of Invisibo," Joe the Announcer says that the show has embarrassed the network into providing more special effects money.
  • The gag credit for Episode 20 reads: "The WB Network asked us to include a disclaimer apologizing to all Klingon-Americans who may have been offended by our show. We aren’t going to do it. What’s the WB gonna do? Cancel us? Big fat Klingons! Big fat Klingons! Ha, ha, ha. So there." This episode in fact aired (on Cartoon Network) after the series had been canceled, and never aired on the WB.
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