The lobe

"The Lobe" is a segment in Episode 2. It is written by Tom Ruegger and directed by Scott Jeralds.

Synopsis Edit

The Lobe is about to lobotomize Freakazoid with a rusty saw, to the cheers of many other supervillains gathered in a medical amphitheater. A hypnotized Steff is his unwilling nurse.


Trivia Edit

  • Villains
    This early short includes several character models from the original Bruce Timm development of the series that otherwise went unused in the show, notably Bombshell and Major Danger. On the audio commentary for the episode, Paul Rugg notes that he has no idea who these characters are.
  • Several non-villains are strangely present and cheering, including Fan Boy and the high school students from "Dance of Doom."
  • Even odder, Dexter Douglas appears to be cheering on Freakazoid's demise (seen all the way to the left, on the edge of the frame).
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