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The Huntsman is a superhero who seems to do his principle crime-fighting in Washington, D.C. (he fights many of the same villains as Freakazoid, including the Lobe and Cave Guy). As of "The Freakazoid," he has relocated to a new city. Preferring a rural life, he lives in a cave outside of town, but when the police blow the Horn of Urgency located on top of their station, he bolts into action.

The Huntsman is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.


The Huntsman's human identity was Marty Feeb. He was a goofy-looking nerdy hunter, poor and hungry, when he had the good fortune of one day coming upon a chunky elf who was being captured by a crow. Feeb saved the elf's life, and the elf rewarded him by giving him a sack of magic corn which gave him super strength and speed, as well as shiny teeth.

The Huntsman is an extraordinary crimefighter, but consistently encounters a drought in criminal activity which leaves him with nothing to do. His euphemism of choice is, "Darn! Darn the luck!"

He has a brother named Hector Feeb. He has a particular fondness for berry water. He enjoys watching the polly fish at the aquarium, which he finds comical. He also acts as umpire for the annual Superheroes-Villains Softball Game.

The Huntsman subsequently moved to a new city, but crime in that city immediately dried up as well. On Freakazoid's birthday, the Huntsman begged him to help him find work, since both heroes (incorrectly) believed that no superhero can refuse a request on his birthday. The Huntsman was doubly unfortunate in that he had lost the address of a superhero conference that was being held on some moon.

He is last seen confronting Freakazoid at the Anaheim sci-fi convention (along with Lord Bravery, Fan Boy and Bo-Ron) regarding his role (or lack thereof) in the second season of Freakazoid! Freakazoid says that the group should have gotten a memo from the producers, then puts them to work washing the Freakmobile on the Warner Bros. Lot.


Season 1

Season 2

International voices

  • Italian: Giorgio Locuratolo


  • The Huntsman's voice is an exaggerated impression of Charlton Heston.
  • A third Huntsman episode, in which he actually solves a crime, was planned but scrapped in between seasons 1 and 2.[1]