The chip part ii-0

"The Chip, Part II" is a segment in Episode 7. It is written by Paul Rugg and directed by Dan Riba. It Aired On November 11, 2005.

Synopsis Edit

Dexter says the magic word ("I'm freaking out!") and discovers how to turn into Freakazoid. He defeats Guitierrez; however, Roddy is cornered by Guitierrez's henchmen and escapes into the Internet by typing in the code, and is afterwards unable to get out. Freakazoid meets Cosgrove for the first time, and they go for snow cones.


Trivia Edit

  • The man fighting a bear is Dan Haggerty from the TV show Grizzly Adams. Paul Rugg has described this clip as perhaps his favorite moment from Freakazoid!, due to the screaming sounds Frank Welker provided for the man.[1]

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