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Steff (short for Stephanie) is Dexter Douglas's high school crush later girlfriend and  Freakazoid's girlfriend. She is voiced by Tracy Rowe.

She seems to encounter Freakazoid for the first time in "Dance of Doom," and although Freakazoid seems more infatuated with Valerie, he eventually dates and is even more infatuated with Steff. He trusts her enough to allow her access to the FreakaLair, and to pay her to operate the Freak-a-Fall ("Next Time, Phone Ahead!"). In addition to her FreakaLair job, she is a camp counselor, and is also active on the Harry Connick High School student counsel.

Despite her involvement with Freakazoid, (and despite seeing Dexter is a creep), she goes on a shameful date with Dexter, unaware that he is Freakazoid ("Dexter's Date"). She later discovers Freakazoid's identity when Cosgrove blurts it out ("Mission: Freakazoid").

She takes a more active role in Freakazoid's crime fighting when he recruits her to participate in an overseas mission to rescue the Douglases (while finding out that Dexter Douglas and Freakazoid are one and the same when Cosgrove blurts it out) ("Mission: Freakazoid") and to help transport supervillains to the remote country of France, Europe ("Island of Dr. Mystico"). She displays technical prowess when she reverses the Lobe's scheme to imprison Freakazoid and Cosgrove in a virtual reality game ("Virtual Freak"), and bravery when she throws herself into the beam of Jeepers's watch in order to save Freakazoid, resulting in her being turned to stone until Freakazoid finds a cure ("Statuesque").


Steff has long straight blonde hair in a ponytail with big blue eyes and a slender, curvy model. She wears red lipstick and mascara. Her usual outfit is consisted of a white turtleneck with a pink stripe and blue jeans.


Beautiful, helpful, kind, nice, shallow, loving, cute, flirty, romantic, cynical, intelligent, spoiled, sarcastic, lively, independent, caring, sophisticated, athletic


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  • Italian: Monica Ward