"Statuesque" is Episode 22 of Freakazoid! and the twentieth episode to air. It is the seventh episode of season 2, and aired on November 29, 1996. It was written by John P. McCann and directed by Peter Shin.

Synopsis Edit

Waylon Jeepers finally harnesses the power of the Gorgons and perfects his strange and mystical watch that can turn anyone to stone. He also summons a monster, Vorn the Unspeakable, whose enemies are the enemies of he who summoned him. All of this is bad news for Freakazoid, who has gotten on Jeepers's bad side due to his constant dismissiveness, and Jeepers takes revenge by turning Steff to stone. Freak, Cogsrove and Jonesy set off on a globe-trotting quest to track Jeepers down and save Steff.


Other Edit

Main Title Version: jumping chimp

Gag Credit: If you have a strange and mystical watch, please feel free to write the cast of “Kirk” and tell them all about it in great detail.

Tag: Jeepers's neighbor screams and runs away[1]

Trivia Edit

  • SCTV veteran and Tony-winning actress Andrea Martin voices Jeepers's upstairs neighbor.
  • Richard Moll, the voice of Two-Face on Batman: The Animated Series, voices Vorn the Unspeakable.
  • This was the first new episode to air in the show's new Friday afternoon time slot.
  • This is Dracula's first speaking role on the show. He previously had cameos in "House of Freakazoid" and "Joe's Very Own Story."
  • Kirk, referenced in the gag credit, was a Kirk Cameron vehicle then airing as part of the WB's prime time lineup.
  • The title card features a group of singers chanting, "Bum! Bum! Bum!" continuing the running joke from "The Freakazoid" and "Mission: Freakazoid."
  • The establishing shot of the Freakalair reuses a background painting that originally appeared in "House of Freakazoid."
  • Freakazoid and Professor Heiny's exchange includes a callback to Freakazoid's anguish over the demise of the Disneyland boat ride, last referenced in "The Cloud."

Voice Credits Edit

Paul Rugg as Freakazoid

Edward Asner as Sgt. Cosgrove

Tracy Rowe as Steff

Jonathan Harris as Professor Jones

Jeff Glen Bennett as Jeepers

Richard Moll as Vorn the Unspeakable

Ed Gilbert as Professor Heiny

Andrea Martin as Female Neighbor

Joe Leahy as Our Announcer

References Edit

  1. The original airing had an alternate Thanksgiving-themed tag, with Freakazoid eating a turkey leg and talking with his mouth full. This version was termed "Episode 22A"; the regular version of Episode 22 first aired on June 6, 1997, on Cartoon Network.
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