Sewer rescue

"Sewer Rescue" is a segment in Episode 3. The first Lord Bravery short, it was written by Paul Rugg and directed by Dan Riba.

Synopsis Edit

British superhero Lord Bravery spends his days scouring the shortwave, searching for crime. When he is thrown out of the house by his wife and mother-in-law and forced to actually patrol the city, it doesn't seem like things can become any more humiliating, until he reluctantly takes on his first big adventure: rescuing a man from a sewer.

Characters Edit

  • Lord Bravery
  • Lord Bravery's Wife (voiced by Tress MacNeille)
  • Mother (Lord Bravery's mother-in-law; needs bullion cubes, and loves sticky buns) (voiced by Mark Slaughter)
  • Man in the Hole (voice by Michael Des Barres)
  • Emmitt Nervend

Trivia Edit

  • Mother is played by glam metal performer Mark Slaughter, who also voiced the Queen Mother in the Rugg-scripted Animaniacs cartoon "Windsor Hassle," using the same voice.
  • Michael Des Barres, the voice of the Man in the Hole, also played the villain Nostromos (a.k.a. Carl Fowler) in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Prophecy of Doom."
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