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The Pinnacle Chip was a product of Apex Microchips, and its intended purpose was to make one's computer twice as fast.[1] Sixty million Pinnacle Chips were sold as of Christmas Eve. However, the chip had a not-so-minor flaw. Upon the user installing the chip and entering the code "@[=g3,8d]\&fbb=-q]/hk%fg" (quotation marks included) into the Internet, followed by the pressing of the delete key, a concentrated beam of energy would imbue the user with superpowers and all the knowledge of the Internet, while simultaneously making the user very silly and extremely perturbed--a Freakazoid. The odds of the flaw manifesting were 450 million to one.

The flaw was discovered by one Roddy MacStew, whose employment status at Apex was terminated merely minutes following the announcement of his discovery (he was, quite literally, kicked out of the building).

Apex Microchips CEO Armondo Guitierrez was not only uninterested in putting out a recall on the chip during Christmas, but once the chip's flaw claimed a victim, Dexter Douglas, Guitierrez tried using the bewildered teen's family as leverage to get the exact code from MacStew so he could attain the powers that could be gained from activating the flaw. The ploy worked, but due to Guitierrez's complete lack of typing skills, Freakazoid managed to stop him before he hit the delete key. Guitierrez later successfully activated the flaw from prison.


  1. Also allows for "true, dedicated multi-tasking" at 300 MHz and 16 MB of RAM.