Out here

"Out Here" is the closing segment in Episode 3.

A sedated-sounding narrator (Tress MacNeille) talks over black and white tropical vacation imagery, while apologizing that they have no scenes to show from next week's episode of Freakazoid!

Trivia Edit

  • This segment originated as a series of commercials airing on the WB to tease the upcoming new series Freakazoid! The network wanted to advertise the show, but due to the tight production timeline, no footage was ready. The crew hastily assembled the images in this segment and recorded several different surreal monologues ("Out here, the water is carbonated, people swim in their boots, and the blowfish sing showtunes"), delivered by a deadpan Tress MacNeille. The ad was a parody of commercials for Carnival Cruise Lines that were airing at the time.[1] All of the variant ads are available on the Season 1 DVD.

References Edit

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