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Mo-Ron is an alien whose intelligence lives up to his name. He is a repeated source of irritation for Freakazoid.

His name was subsequently retconned to Bo-Ron. He is one of the few people who is aware of Freakazoid's secret identity, presumably not because Freakazoid trusts him, but moreso because Freakazoid assumes Bo-Ron is too stupid to remember. His home planet is Barone's. He is voiced by Stan Freberg.


When Mo-Ron arrives on Earth, President Bill Clinton and Freakazoid cautiously but eagerly await humanity's first contact with extraterrestrial life, hoping to learn the secrets of the universe. Instead, they are confronted with an overweight, belly-button-picking nitwit who repeatedly introduces himself. They then go to Plan B, blasting the heck out of the creature, but Mo-Ron survives. He continues to hang out with Freakazoid for awhile afterward, until he finally remembers his message: a giant comet is coming to Earth. His warning is too late, and the comet collides with the planet.

Later, now going by the name Bo-Ron, he is stranded on Earth during a pit stop. Several others of his species are seen; they are far smaller in stature and less obese, but otherwise share his general appearance. They speak in a deep guttural alien dialect, very different from Bo-Ron's speech. Bo-Ron befriends Dexter, but his overbearing personality soon causes Dexter to transform into Freakazoid (whom Bo-Ron remembers as "Red Underwear Man!"). Freak teaches Bo-Ron the ways of Earth, but when Dexter's parents discover that he has been hiding an alien, he is forced to send Bo-Ron home.

Bo-Ron seems to have a brief fling with Candice Bergen before returning home. This must have been part of the phone deal, as she was a spokeswoman for Sprint at the time.

In his sole season 2 appearance, he (along with the Huntsman, Lord Bravery and Fan Boy) confronts Freakazoid about his place in the new season, and is given a job washing the Freakmobile.


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  • Stan Freberg, in addition to being an acclaimed comedy recording artist, starred in several classic Looney Tunes cartoons as Baby Bear and Pete Puma ("one lump or two?"), using essentially the same voice as Mo-Ron.
  • Mo-Ron's name was retconned to Bo-Ron so that the writers could pay tribute to their favorite pizza restaurant, Barone's, by naming Bo-Ron's home planet after it. Barone's pizza was present at all the voice recording sessions for the show; Paul Rugg fondly remembers Edward Asner, Ricardo Montalban and Jonathan Harris sitting together eating slices of Barone's. The first season cast and crew wrap party occurred at the restaurant, as did Paul Rugg's wedding rehearsal dinner.[1] In "Freak-a-Panel," Lord Bravery references the confusion surrounding the character's name.


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