Mitch schauer

Mitch Schauer was the producer on the first season of Freakazoid! He did not participate in the second season, possibly so that he could produce his own series, Angry Beavers. He provided the voice of Lonnie Tallbutt.

Caricatures/Cameos Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Schauer was largely responsible for animating the main title.[1]
  • Emmitt Nervend originated as a sketch in his office, which Tom Ruegger asked to use in the show.[2]
  • Schauer designed all of the crew member caricatures which appeared in the first season.[3]
  • Schauer, who was very passionate about making the perfect Jonny Quest spoof,[4] contributed to the storyboards for "Doomsday Bet." He also storyboarded on "The Chip" Part I and Part II.
  • Although he did not work on any other cartoons at Warner Bros. Animation, Schauer did draw the very first piece of publicly-released artwork for Tiny Toon Adventures (then called Tiny Tunes), which was used to promote the announcement of the show at the Cannes Film Festival.[5]

References Edit

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