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Lord Bravery is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.


Lord Bravery is a superhero from the United Kingdom in an outfit slightly resembling that of a Roman soldier. His real name is Nigel Skunkthorpe. He lives with his wife and mother-in-law, who refuse to move from the couch and hurl ficus at his head when they want something. While he prefers to search for crime using his shortwave radio, his aggravating wife and mother-in-law pressure him to actually venture outside the house and find people to save. He hates sewers, and becomes very agitated when people compare him to Superman.

Following copyright issues with his name, Lord Bravery went under "Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes."

He knows Freakazoid, and attended Handman's wedding. In his sole second season appearance, Lord Bravery (along with the Huntsman, Fan Boy and Bo-Ron) confronts Freakazoid at an Anaheim comic convention concerning his diminished role in the series, and is given a job washing the Freakmobile.


Season 1

Season 2

International voices

  • Italian: Oreste Baldini


  • Lord Bravery's voice is an impression of John Cleese, and many of his exchanges - particularly those with his wife - are strongly reminiscent of his character (Basil) in Fawlty Towers.