Lonnie Tallbutt is a man who was cursed to transform into the Wolfman anytime there was a full moon, due to receiving a bite from werewolf years earlier. He is one of the few people to know Freakazoid's secret identity, which he learned from a gypsy. He seeks Dexter out to help him stop transforming, since he is aware that Dexter changes as well. Freakazoid successfully cures Lonnie by sending him briefly into the Internet.

After being cured, Lonnie seems to return to the Internet, serving as a gatekeeper for the game Amazing Castles (or, at least, Guitierrez's corrupted version of it).

The Wolfman was later seen living a seemingly tranquil life in a cabin out in the woods. It is unknown if Lonnie somehow reverted to his Wolfman transformations, or if this was another Wolfman.

First season producer Mitch Schauer provided Lonnie's voice. Jim Cummings played him as the Wolfman.

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  • Lonnie is a caricature of Lon Chaney, Jr. as Larry Talbot, a.k.a. the Wolf Man, in 1941's The Wolf Man and several subsequent sequels and spinoffs.
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