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Longhorn, is an enemy of Freakazoid. His goal is to become a Nashville recording artist.

He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche


Born in Odessa, Texas, Jubal "Bull" Nixon was once an employee at the Jon-nee Cat cat litter company until turning to a life of crime. In an attempt to disguise his identity, Jubal had his features physically changed to create a steer-like appearance. From that day forward he was known as Longhorn. In "Hot Rods From Heck!" he uses a team of remote controlled robotic hot rod cars and Bessie Mae, his customized monster truck, to try and steal an Air Force Titan Missile with a twenty megaton warhead in order to hold Nashville hostage. Freakazoid manages to defeat him first through his toyetic Freakmobile, and ultimately through the power of the seventh-inning stretch.

He subsequently teams up with the Lobe, Cave Guy, Cobra Queen, Kid Carrion, Candle Jack, Guitierrez, Jeepers and Invisibo to defeat Freakazoid. He is one of the prisoners being transported to France by Freakazoid when the group is kidnapped by Dr. Mystico.

Longhorn is on America's Most Wanted every other week.


Season 1

Season 2


Jammin' gears and eatin' pie

In my big rig in the sky

Since the day I crashed

Into a banjo shop


Her name was Melinda

She'd be fifty-six today

But she fell out of my truck

On Highway 5 near San Jose


  • Longhorn's voice is an impression of Johnny Cash.
  • Longhorn 2.jpg
    Bruce Timm initially designed Longhorn as a human (albeit a very strong one) in a bull costume.