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John P. McCann was a story editor and writer on the show, as well as a producer on the second season. He provided the voices of Douglas Douglas and Hero Boy.

McCann got his start as an improv writer and actor with the performing companies the L.A. Connection and the Acme Performers (where he met friend and Freakazoid! collaborator Paul Rugg). Rugg and McCann were both hired as series writers on the first season of Animaniacs. Senior producer Tom Ruegger subsequently brought the two men over to run Freakazoid!

Following the cancellation of Freakazoid!, McCann served as co-producer and co-story editor on Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain.

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  • McCann's first attempt at a Freakazoid! script was never made. It involved a villain named Baron Magneto who threatened to attract every magnet in a four-county area.[1] He also wrote a pilot for a Toby Danger TV series.

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