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The Announcer, played by Joe Leahy, serves as narrator and commentator to the series. He is often an active participant in the plot, warning characters about hazards and complaining about his thankless job. Freakazoid knows him as Joe, and he occasionally appears onscreen, depicted as a caricature of voice actor Joe Leahy. He is the only character besides Freakazoid to be in every episode. He is alternately credited as "Our Narrator" and "Our Announcer" throughout the run of the series.

Fictional Biography Edit

In the Announcer's first appearance in "Dance of Doom," he is depicted onscreen as a marionette puppet operated by Freakazoid. Joe Leahy makes his first onscreen appearance in "Candle Jack"; however, in Episode 8, the Announcer claims to be a deep-voiced woman.

The producers allow Joe to act onscreen as a panicked attendee of Freakazoid's birthday party, and Freakazoid is displeased by his performance. Joe subsequently gets acting lessons, and Freakazoid permits Joe to perform a heartrending rendition of Romeo's suicide scene from Romeo and Juliet onscreen.

When episodes end early, Joe recites some of his favorite naughty limericks, which the audience finds both pleasing and saucy.

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International voices Edit

  • Italian: Michele Kalamera

Trivia Edit

  • Leahy also served as the narrator of the Animaniacs short "Wally Llama," and as the announcer for the in-universe Gray Ghost TV show in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Beware the Gray Ghost."

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