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Jocko is Guitierrez's henchman in Heroboy, voiced by Paul Rugg. He appears to be completely inarticulate, apparently a byproduct of having worked for Bobby Knight.


Jocko appears in Guitierrez's lair, in the abandoned Wiener Factory on the wharf, where he makes Freakazoid a sandwich. He also edited Guitierrez's blooper (or 'blupor') reel. Jocko is later seen operating the machine to clone Freakazoid. He is arrested at the end of the episode.


  • Jocko looks identical to caricatures of first season director Dan Riba that appeared on the show.
  • Jocko is credited as playing himself, and also appeared as feisty “King Moorgamy” in William Puntell’s The Beachnut at Bonnie Franklin’s Talent Castle.