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Ahmon Kor-Unch was an Egyptian prince 3000 years ago who terrorized the rulers of ancient Thebes with his powers. Known in his time as "the Shadow Feeder," his greatest power was the ability to become invisible. He was buried alive in a sarcophagus, sealed with a mystic scarab which prevented his escape. When Duncan and Dexter Douglas] rough-house in the museum, the seal breaks and Ahmon Kor-Unch is released. He resumes his plans to dominate the world, excited to enhance his power with the modern new toy of electricity.

Freakazoid dubs the villain "Invisibo," because the show already has a title card made up, and because the name makes him happy. Ahmon Kor-Unch also likes the name and adopts it.

He later attends The Lobe's Freakazoid-killing party.

His voice is provided by Corey Burton in "Tomb of Invisibo," and by an unknown actor during his "Normadeus" cameo.



  • Invisibo is the only character who is "seen" smoking on Freakazoid! He smokes a cigar, albeit while he is invisible.
  • He is easily one of Freakazoid's most elusive enemies, due to his invisibility making him hard to find.