Hot rods

"Hot Rods from Heck!" is a segment in Episode 8. It was written by John P. McCann and directed by Ronaldo Del Carmen.

Synopsis Edit

On a road trip through the western desert to see Dexter's grandfather (who is unwell and wears a little cardboard hat), the Douglases encounter some speed-demon sentient crash test dummies in hot rods who run them off the road. While his family is stranded in the desert, Dexter "freaks out" and uncovers a fiendish plot by supervillain Longhorn, who plans to steal a nuclear warhead being transported by the U.S. Air Force, in order to hold Nashville hostage until he is given a recording contract. Freak gets his favorite Freakmobile ("because it runs!"), and engages in a high-speed chase across land, sea and air.


Trivia Edit

  • The actors credited as appearing in Hot Rods from Heck! are: Ruth Canto, Mimsy Ling and Weena Mercator as the Hopping Woman; the "film" is directed by Dobie Atwood Jr..
  • The geography of this episode is particularly absurdist: although the majority of the action appears to take place in the western U.S., Freakazoid manages to go to his Freakalair (in D.C.), then returns to the western desert via a Freakalair exit specifically built to connect with that location. He then uses the Freakmobile to grab a piece of the Great Wall of China, and lures Longhorn to Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois (with Freak on foot while Longhorn is in his truck).