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Hero Boy is the main character on Freakazoid's favorite show, a poorly-dubbed black-and-white Japanese anime. His catchphrase is, "I must succeed!" He can be summoned when two sumo wrestlers hold hands and chant "Hero Boy!" in a high-pitched voice. He can fly, but cannot punch very hard. He inevitably fights giant monsters who simply kick him away with almost no effort, leading Hero Boy to mournfully yell, "I have failed to succeed!" Even when he fails to save the city, the townspeople appreciate the effort and are amused by his exploits.

Hero Boy is voiced by John P. McCann.


"Hero Boy" Theme Song Lyrics

Up in the sky he flies around

When he's not, he's on the ground

And fighting

Monsters big

And Monster Pig

He's Hero Boy, he must succeed!


  • Hero Boy is a parody of the 1960s series Astro Boy, the English dub of a Japanese anime adapted from a popular 1950s manga. It was the first anime to achieve mainstream success in the U.S.
  • Hero Boy's voice evolved from a character John P. McCann had conceived named "Tin Tin Torino, the Naughty Cabana Boy," whose catchphrase was, "I have soiled myself." One day, on a walk with Paul Rugg, McCann realized that the voice was right for Hero Boy.[1]


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