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"Handman" is a segment in the first episode. Introduced as "another chapter" in The Sidekick Chronicles, Freakazoid's quest for the perfect sidekick, it was written by Tom Ruegger and directed by Jack Heiter.

Synopsis Edit

During a deadly confrontation with the Lobe, Freakazoid is saved by his new sidekick, Handman - who just happens to be Freakazoid's hand with a face drawn on it. Handman soon finds love with Handgirl, and the story follows the happy couple through a beautiful wedding ceremony and a romantic honeymoon night.


Trivia Edit

  • This episode introduces the Lobe.
  • This episode was written as part of Tom Ruegger's initial 85-page "pilot" script for the show. Paul Rugg said that this short made the writers realize that they had the freedom to do anything on the show.[1]

References Edit

  1. Audio Commentary, Episode 1.
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