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Handman is Freakazoid's sidekick in the episode "Handman." Other than the fact that he is incapable of pronouncing Freakazoid's name, he seems a perfect fit to serve as Freak's right hand man. In fact, he is Freakazoid's right hand. After single-handedly defeating the Lobe, Handman finds love with Handgirl, and the two are soon married. This may have led Handman to leave Freakazoid's service, leaving him to search once again for the perfect sidekick...

At the close of the segment, it is revealed that Freakazoid's feet are also in a committed relationship, but things have soured considerably. It is unclear if Footman and/or Footgirl were formerly Freakazoid's sidekicks.

Paul Rugg performs the voices of Handman, Handgirl, Footman and Footgirl.


Freakazoid's "Handman" routine, particularly the "'salright?" shtick, is based on Señor Wences, a popular 1950s ventriloquist.