Gasigo is a gas station chain where the employees break into an extremely long song whenever a customer says to "fill 'er up." Freakazoid encounters them when he runs out of gas with only two minutes to save the world, and allows them to come along with him in the Freakmobile to finish their song. They subsequently torture Guitierrez with their endless singing when he steals the Freakmobile.

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Trivia / Other Appearances Edit

  • Gasigo reappears in the short "Better Living...Through Cheese" in Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain Episode 2 (written by "Heroboy" cowriters Wendell Morris & Tom Sheppard and co-story edited by John P. McCann). An elderly couple, Edna & Zeke, sabotage Brain's "mold fusion" sustainable energy source at the science fair on behalf of "big oil" company Gasigo.
  • The similarly-named gas station "Gas / Go" (with a lightning bolt in place of the slash) appeared in the Paul Rugg-penned Animaniacs episode "Potty Emergency."

Lyrics Edit

If you want service with a smile, we will go that extra mile

We clean windows, fill the tank

Wash the hood, no need to thank

Gasigo, we're at your service

Gasigo, that is our purpose

Gasigo, we love your car

Gasigo, we're never far

Gasigo, we're here to please you

Giasigo, we'll never leave you



So put us to the test, we will strive to do our best

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