Freakazoid has a huge number of identical vehicles, called "Freakmobiles," which he stores inside his Freakalair in the Hall of Freakmobiles. His favorite one is the one that runs. A Freakmobile toy line is a running joke in the show, although it sadly never came to fruition in real life.

Features Edit

  • A giant gloved hand which comes out of the back, capable of grabbing things (in one instance, the hand was on a spring and reached all the way from the American west to China)
  • A boot on a rotating axis, for kicking Fan Boys and other annoyances
  • A TV that springs out the back displaying seven hours of Tony Danza
  • A jet pod, allowing it to fly
  • Does not operate underwater
  • A buzz saw which can cut the roof off another car
  • A giant magnet to lift nearby items
  • A giant slingshot which can be used for propelling enemies (activated by the button "Travel Time," and released by the button "Bye Bye")

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