Freakazoid and friends

"Freakazoid and Friends" is a segment in the first episode of Freakazoid! It is a parody of the Animaniacs theme. Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille sing the song in-character as Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. The Warners are seen briefly at the beginning, in reused footage from the Animaniacs main title. The song introduces many characters who will go on to appear in subsequent episodes, as well as a few who will rarely be seen again.

Lyrics Edit

It's time for Freakazoid and friends

Where the insanity never ends

Justice he defends

You're sure to get the bends

From Freakazoid and friends

When Dexter becomes Freakazoid he shows his super stuff

He battles Lobe and Booger Beast and villains who are tough

Like Candle Jack and Cobra Queen, Cave Guy can be rough

There's Fanboy, Mo-Ron, Eye of Newt, and that's about enough

It's Freakazoid and friends

It's what your dentist recommends

To patients who chew gum

This show is really dumb

It's Freakazoid and friends

Meet Dexter's girlfriend Steff, and his mentor named MacStew 

Lord Bravery and Fanboy, the Gnomes are quite a crew 

Cosgrove and The Huntsman, Toby Danger too

And don't forget there's Freakazette, a lovely shade of blue

It's Freakazoid and friends

A show that no one comprehends

Our longevity depends

On our demographic trends

It's totally freaky

Dexter's geeky

The plots are weaky

We're up a creeky

We've sprung a leaky

Freakazoid and friends

Now our song ends.


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