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Fan Boy is Freakazoid's wannabe sidekick. He is obsessed with comic books, sci fi, and all things stereotypically nerdy. His real name is unknown. He is voiced by Stephen Furst.


Fan Boy seemed to have spent his time lurking in comic book shops and chasing celebrities like George Takei before he attached himself to Freakazoid. He seems to believe he is destined to be Freakazoid's sidekick once Expendable Lad is injured. Freakazoid finally manages to get rid of him be sending him after Mark Hamill, noting that he should not settle for mere superhero-dom when Jedi Knighthood awaits.


Season 1

Season 2

Pinky and the Brain

International voices

  • Italian: Francesco Pezzulli


  • Fan Boy's voice actor, Stephen Furst, is very familiar with overzealous sci fi fans as a star of the TV show Babylon 5.
  • Although Fan Boy's name is written as one word in the title of his debut episode, it always appears as two words in the credits and subtitles.