Episode 9 aired on November 25, 1995.

Contents Edit

Cold Open: Booger Beast

Main title (hand-wringing chimp version; "free kazoo")


Fatman and Boy Blubber

Limbo Lock-up

Huntsman Intro

The Huntsman in "Terror Palace"

Huntsman Outro

Gag Credits:

Dan Riba's Barber: Emmitt Nervend

Emmitt Nervend's Barber: Dan Riba


"And now, a show for busy freeway." (Relax-O-Vision shot)

Voice Credits Edit

Paul Rugg as Freakazoid

Edward Asner as Sgt. Cosgrove

David Warner as The Lobe

Ben Stein as Futterman

Stephen Furst as Fan Boy

Tracy Rowe as Steff

Marc Drotman as Fatman

Joe Leahy as Our Announcer

Tress MacNeille as Cobra Queen

Maurice LaMarche as Longhorn

Frank Welker as The Judge

Jim Cummings as Singer

Jeff Glen Bennett as The Huntsman

Dorian Harewood as Lt. Artie King

Scott Menville as Joey

Scott McAfee as Louis

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