Episode 3 aired September 23, 1995.

Contents Edit

Cold Open: Nuclear Warhead

Main Title (hand-wringing chimp version)


Lord Bravery Intro

Lord Bravery in "Sewer Rescue"

The Big Question

A Musical Interlude

Legends Who Lunch


Out Here

Gag Credits:

Mr. Personality: Emmitt Nervend[1]

Find Emmitt Nervend: Four Times in This Episode

“Aunt Eater,” “Lady Vericose,” “The Mighty Avarian,” “Captain Sharpei,” “The Stygmatist,” “Frost Heaves,” “Sergeant Scurvy,” and “Krimson Kvetch” appear courtesy of “Freakazoid! Comics,” “Freakazoid! Comic” characters, the “F!”, and all other indicia and logos may not be duplicated, drawn or talked about without prior written consent of “Freakazoid! Comics,” a subsidiary of Time-Warner. Failure to abide by these restrictions will bring swift and appropriate action by what will soon be the world’s largest communication company. We’re so big we could make your cable go out if we wanted, or print hurtful lies about you in “Time,” or follow you wherever you go and you’d never know we’re doing that ’cuz we’re so secretive and big. We could! So watch it!


“Here's a sound you don’t want to hear at 3am..."

Voice Credits Edit

Paul Rugg as Freakazoid

Stan Freberg as Mo-Ron

Jeff Glen Bennett as Lord Bravery

Tress MacNeille as Di

Mark Slaughter as Mother

Frank Welker as The President

Maurice LaMarche as Krimson Kvetch

Michael Des Barres as Man in the Hole

Rob Paulsen as Himself

Joe Leahy as Our Narrator

Trivia Edit

  • Rob Paulsen is credited as "Himself." The only time he is heard in the episode is yelling out among the din of fighting crew members at the end (yelling about a parking spot).

References Edit

  1. The DVD strangely replaces this with the "Our Mascot" credit from Episode 2.
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