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Emmitt Nervend is a character who frequently appears in the background, as sort of a deranged version of "Where's Waldo?" He wears a suit, his hair stands on end as if he has just been electrocuted, and he perpetually has a tremendous smile on his face. Generally he looks the same in all of his appearances, and is rarely animated.

The credits in the first season included a gag credit for Emmitt each episode, as well as a credit instructing the viewer how many times Emmitt could be found in the episode. Both practices were abandoned in season 2, but Emmitt continued to appear.


Season 1

Season 2

Animaniacs Comic

Emmitt Nervend Credits

The following is a list of Emmitt's credited job titles in season 1.

  • Weird Guy
  • Our Mascot
  • Mr. Personality
  • Raccoonnookkeeper!
  • Smiley Man
  • Giggling Fool
  • Bobbie's[1] New Boyfriend
  • Sexiest Man Alive
  • Mitch's Best Friend
  • Dan Riba's Barber (Dan Riba is also credited as Emmitt's barber)
  • Annie Award[2] Winner
  • Santa's Helper
  • Network Censor
  • In Therapy
  • Say Goodbye To


  • Emmitt originated as a sketch by first season producer Mitch Schauer. Tom Ruegger saw it hanging in Schauer's office and asked to use the character on the show.[3]
  • At Freak-a-Con! 2018, Schauer described Nervend as being "on the verge of being a serial killer or having a nervous breakdown."[4]


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  2. The Annie Award is the most prestigious award given only to animated programming.
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