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Douglas Douglas is voiced by John P. McCann. He is married to Debbie Douglas, and is the father of Dexter and Duncan.

Douglas is easygoing and rather oblivious. He lets absolutely anyone into the house and into Dexter's room without question, and rarely gets involved in his sons' squabbles until someone complains. His euphemism of choice is, "Worms and weasels!" Douglas has a number of colorful threats to get his children to behave, including threatening to butter their heads and to harpoon them. His father (who seems to live somewhere in the western US) is unwell and wears a cardboard hat.

Douglas favors cheap vacations, and takes his family to the Eastern European police state Vukanova because plane tickets were only $60. Douglas often panics or breaks down in the face of danger or stress. He jumps on the brakes like a scared old woman when Longhorn's hot rods attack his car, and weeps when held prisoner in Vukanova. After being saved from prison by Dexter's driving instructor, Douglas becomes obsessed with mastering the art of marking time on a prison wall, something which he seems incapable of doing correctly.

His likes include Stratego and his wife Debbie, whom he affectionately calls "Peach Face." He is technically inept: when he attempts to take pictures on a family outing, Debbie notes that the camera has no film, no battery, and he has left the lens cap on.

Although Douglas is unaware of his son's alter ego, he is present at Handman's wedding (at which Freakazoid officiates), and comes onstage at the fourth-wall-breaking end of the series finale to sing along with the rest of the cast (Freakazoid openly refers to Douglas as his dad in this scene).


Season 1

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International voices

  • Italian: Roberto Stocchi


  • "Duncan! Mind your apples, huh?" (Dexter's Date)
  • (re: Hominid Near-Man) "People like that don't exist anymore, and if they did, the government would make them wear special pants." (Tomb of Invisibo)
  • "Oh, corn crispies!" (Tomb of Invisibo)