Dexter Douglas is the alter ego of Freakazoid. He is voiced by David Kaufman.

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Dexter Douglas is a teenager living at 564 Finiculì Finiculà Avenue in Washington, D.C. with his parents and brother. On Christmas Eve, he received a computer chip known as the Pinnacle Chip that was intended to make his computer faster and more efficient. While he was looking for the instructions for how to work the chip, his cat, Mr.Chubbikins, was trying to chase a butterfly and accidentally typed in the code "@[=g3,8d]\&fbb=-q]/hk%fg" (quotation marks included). When Dexter saw this sequence he dismissed it as nothing more than a random code and tried to get rid of it by pressing the delete button. However, this set off a glitch in the Pinnacle Chip that gave Dexter all of the information on the Internet, enhanced strength, speed, and questionable sanity -- that is, he became the Freakazoid. He can toggle back and forth between his personalities by saying "Freak out" and "Freak in."


Dexter is your average teenager who is also a total computer geek. He has a crush on Steff and attempts to date her, while she is dating his alter ego. In his free time, he enjoys reviewing the actuarial tables for his retirement and reading funny stories in binary. He is allergic to sheet cake (or, more accurately, to the pan). He has an "outie" belly button.

Dexter has posters for the video games Game Guy (tag line: "He plays for keeps"), Wing Man and Wiz Kid on the walls of his room. He also has two sports pennants (for teams called the Arrows and the Scalers).

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  • Italian: Vittorio Guerrieri

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  • Dexter's voice actor, David Kaufman, went on to play Jimmy Olsen on Warner Bros. Animation's Superman series. Kaufman also went on to do the voice of Danny Phantom in the Nickelodeon TV series of the same name.
  • His alliterative name and being a nerd computer ace is a parody of Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man, and Bruce Banner, alias The Hulk.
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