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Debbie Douglas

Debbie Douglas is the mother of Duncan and Dexter Douglas, and the wife of Douglas Douglas. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Her endlessly cheery demeanor masks a deep disappointment in her son, Dexter, whose life she finds "so very very sad." She feels snubbed when Dexter chooses a computer tournament over a family vacation, but cheerfully tells Dexter that the family's broken hearts will mend if they don't die first. She is happy that her other son, Duncan, will still likely live home when he is forty as a "big strong man-child," and she takes pleasure when her sons rough-house.

She is extremely supportive when Dexter gets a date with Steff, making the reservation herself and sitting outside the restaurant in the car yelling for Dexter to have a good time throughout the entire date. She has much steadier nerves than her husband Douglas; she adapts to prison life in Vukanova much more quickly than he does, and she calmly offers to take over driving when Longhorn's hot rods nearly run the Douglases off the road. The only things that frighten her are the invisible villain Invisibo, and the thought of Hominid Near-Man walking hunched-over like a little bunny.

Debbie enjoys watching America's Most Wanted with her family, and has been known to eat twenty-four pizza rolls in a single sitting when she is feeling peckish.

Debbie is unaware of her son Dexter's secret identity. Despite Freakazoid's relative fame (with his exploits being regularly reported on the news), Debbie thinks Duncan is insane when he claims to see a blue man. However, Debbie and her family are seen in attendance at Handman's wedding, at which Freakazoid officiates, and she is onstage during the fourth-wall-breaking end of the series finale to sing along with the rest of the cast (Freakazoid openly refers to Debbie as his mom in this scene).


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