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Cobra Queen, is an enemy of Freakazoid.

She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Audrey Manatee was a former shoplifter who stole an experimental cosmetic that had been in the sun too long. Upon using it, she was transformed into a half-human/half-snake woman. By the time she was in high school, she could not get dates because of skin problems (i.e., shedding).

Her powers include the ability to command snakes and lizards (but not dogs or plucky game fish), and to spit venom which can melt concrete. She has several giant pet snakes who do her bidding. She made a lair for herself in the sewers, making herself immune from crime fighting forces, who unilaterally hate poo gas and doody water. After a robbery, she enjoys returning to the sewer, putting on something special, and listening to the 1960s group the Ray Conniff Singers. Due to her lisp, she is incapable of saying, "Silly Sally sells sappy silver seashells in Seattle," and passes out when she attempts to do so. She hates being compared to Sylvester the Cat.

Besides Freakazoid, Cobra Queen has another nemesis named Atomic Boy. She occasionally teams up with Freakazoid's other enemies to defeat him, generally when they are all brought together by the Lobe. She eventually enters a romantic relationship with Cave Guy, and they try to steal the Diamond Hat of the Czars. Even after being sent to jail by Freakazoid, the two seem to continue their romantic dalliance, and are seen embracing during the closing musical number in the series finale.

She and Steff bond when they have to repair the Prison Airplane, which crashed on a mysterious island while Freakazoid was transporting all of his enemies to France.


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  • Cobra Queen making her home in the sewer is reminiscent of another reptilian villain, Killer Croc on Batman: The Animated Series.