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Cave Guy, is an enemy of Freakazoid.

He is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.


Royce Mumphry, better known as Cave Guy, is a large blue caveman who is surprisingly well-educated and erudite. His origin is never described. He is a wanted criminal in five states. When he wants to lie low after a crime, he goes to the Hamptons. He is extremely disturbed by nerds, particularly those who speak Klingon. He goes to the Washington Gardens (also the Lobe's favorite restaurant), but only after special robberies.

In his first appearance, while on the run from the police after a crime spree, he attacks Harry Connick High School and holds the students hostage. He subsequently teams up with the Lobe, Cobra Queen, Longhorn and Kid Carrion in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Freakazoid.

Cave Guy participates in the annual Superheroes-Villains All-Star Benefit Softball Game. He apparently is also an enemy of the Huntsman. He is well-known enough that a guy wears a Cave Guy costume to the Anaheim comics and sci-fi convention. He is among the group of criminals Freakazoid transports to France, and is captured by Dr. Mystico.

He enters into a romantic relationship with Cobra Queen. The two of them steal the Diamond Hat of the Czars. Even after Freakazoid sends the two to prison, they continue their romantic dalliance. In the closing song in the series finale, the two appear to still be dating, based on the way they hold each other.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Superhuman strength


  • Cave Guy's voice is an impression of Jim Backus, most famous for playing Thurston Howell III on Gilligan's Island and for providing the voice of cartoon character Mr. Magoo.


  • "I've got a date with the Cobra Queen, her skin is green, I think that's keen!" (Two Against Freak)
  • Cobra Queen: "You're very masterful with the help." Cave Guy: "Friendly but never familiar. That's what Dad always said." (Two Against Freak)