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Candle Jack is a supernatural villain with a burlap sack over his head, called "the Boogeyman, the for-real one." He abducts anyone who says his name and ties them up with rope, taking them to a secret place from which they never come back (because he's a nut). He transports his victims via chartered bus.

Although he prides himself on being scary, he has a weakness for pumpkin pie and also seems to enjoy watching F Troop.

Despite his supernatural nature, Candle Jack occasionally appears side by side with the more "earthly" villains on the series (e.g., being transported on a prison plane alongside Cave Guy, the Lobe and others as a convicted felon, and attending the Lobe's Freakazoid-killing party). However, even his fellow villains are careful not to say his name (Lobe simply calls him "Jack" in "Normadeus").

His voice is provided by Jeff Bennett.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Candle Jack's voice was intended to sound like actor Jack Palance, and his line "Believe it or not" references Palance's stint hosting the TV show Ripley's Believe or Not during the 1980s.[1]


  • "I'm going to need more rope!"
  • "I've never gotten so many at once before. Not a very bright group, are you?" 
  • "Hello, boys..."
  • "These peanuts are stale!"



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