Anubis Market is a division of Osiris Foods, and was a (fictional) sponsor of Freakazoid!, keeping the show on the air for a second season. At Anubis, customers can choose low prices without fear of coercion. Shop at the sign of the Jackal-Headed Man, for food so good you can eat it!

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  • Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead (and does indeed have a jackal's head). Osiris is also an Egyptian god of the afterlife, but symbolizes merciful judgment and resurrection / rebirth (particularly in the context of crop cycles).
  • The name was changed the morning of the recording session for the episode, because Warner Bros. legal team informed the producers their original name for the market ("something odd like Hobinfrieder," according to John McCann) was taken by an existing chain. McCann came up with the Anubis name because he assumed no one would name a market after the god of the afterlife and mummification.[1]

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